With smooth, powerful pedaling assistance and comfortable handling, this new E-bike combines practicality and fun, making it a motivating companion for commuting or recreational riding. The Expression E+ is a great way to turn mundane daily routines into the best part of your day.

From the carbon belt drive (on select models) to the suspension and wide 55mm balloon tires, the Expression E+ is built to deliver a confident, comfortable ride on all types of roads. A 63mm suspension fork absorbs bumps and vibrations, helping you roll on rough city streets or bike paths with smooth control. The fork is paired with a suspension seatpost to further smooth out the ride.

Smart Support

The Expression E+ is powered by the new SyncDrive Core 50Nm motor with built-in Smart Assist technology. You can choose Smart Assist mode to automatically adjust the level of pedaling support without having to change settings while you ride. It uses sensors including slope detection and an accelerometer, along with advanced algorithms, to constantly adjust power output and deliver the optimal level of support. The result is a quiet, natural ride experience that optimizes efficiency for both the rider and the battery system.

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User-Friendly Battery

The motor is fueled by an EnergyPak battery that’s positioned on the top side of the downward sloping top tube for ease and convenience. The charge port is located high on the frame, near the head tube, which makes it easy to plug into when the E-bike is stored in tight quarters. The housing of the battery is designed with a user-friendly handle and has a matte-black finish that matches other accessories including the rear carrier and fenders.

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The All-New Expression E+